15 percent of NFT conversation in India comes from women: Twitter


Twitter has become a go-to place for crypto enthusiasts to learn and discuss all the important events happening in the crypto world. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a hot new interest on the microblogging platform, with NFT conversation increased by 3,000 percent in India in January alone.

According to Twitter, at least 375 million tweets were sent on NFTs globally. Notably, 15 percent of the conversation in India comes from women. The most tweeted hashtags among NFT conversations on Twitter are: #NFT #NFTs, #NFTgiveaway, #NFTcommunity, #NFTart, #NFTcollector.

Data shared by Twitter reveals that globally, nearly 40% of women have never heard of NFTs, 26% of women believe NFTs can be a lucrative investment, 25% see it as a opportunity for exclusivity and to support independent artists. and 24 percent of women think NFTs are a good way for brands to share new and exclusive content.

Twitter notes that a number of Indian NFT artists are taking the lead in bringing more women into the fold of this growing conversation.

Akanksha Badaya (@art_lover_09), a certified graphic designer from Jaipur, who has been working on a mix of digital and traditional art. She believes that Web 3 is the future and that through NFT her art can reach a wider audience. “My NFT journey started when I came across people sharing their NFTs on Twitter. That intrigued me to know more about space and research about it. I attended some Twitter spaces that helped me to gain knowledge about the background of NFTs. For all women artists who aspire to be part of the NFT community, it is important that they are original and confident in their work. Also, interact and connect with other artists.”

To amplify women’s work and stories, select NFT artists, including Akanksha, will help launch Twitter’s first women-led global NFT community called “Women in NFT.”

The platform believes that the growing interest in NFTs presents a need to address misconceptions and doubts: 22 percent believe that NFTs are only for rich people and 15 percent believe that NFTs will devalue physical art, for Therefore, the goal of the Community “will be to create a safe space for women to share and obtain information, create connections and support each other,” added Twitter.

Twitter in a press release added that “its open and conversational nature allows women to participate in this growing NFT community and own the conversations,” highlighting that women are leaning “into the conversation and ready to #OwnIt.” “. The Twitter emoji #OwnIt (woven spark), according to Twitter, symbolizes “the interweaving of different intersections, and as the spark spirals up from the center, it encourages individual and collective action by women.”

“We are very excited to see women become such an active part of the NFT conversation on Twitter and #OwnIt. At Twitter, our purpose is to enable open public conversations, and we’re thrilled that more and more women are taking full advantage of the service to not only raise awareness, but empower themselves through their own creations. We have a lot of exciting things planned to fuel the spirit of NFT creators, and we can’t wait to see this conversation become more inclusive,” said Cheryl-Ann Couto, Head of Partners, Twitter India.


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